Judge dismisses Wyandotte elementary school 5G cell tower lawsuit

A judge dismissed a lawsuit Tuesday that was filed over a 5G cell phone tower placed atop an elementary school.

The tower at Washington Elementary has been a controversial topic for months. Due to a temporary injunction, the tower has been inactive as parents fought against it.

An agreement between the district and T-Mobile led to the cell phone provider placing a 5G tower on the chimney of the school. In exchange, the school gets a little over $1,000 a month. This deal was reached in 2018, but the tower has recently been placed at the school.

Parents have fought against the tower, which is near a playground, citing concerns about the potential impacts on the health of students. This has led to heated school board meetings and protests.

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It also led to the resignation of district Superintendent Catherine Cost in April.

The judge ruled that the parents do not have grounds to sue because there was no harm, and they can't sue based on speculated harm

Parents plan to appeal the decision.