Wyandotte schools superintendent resigns amid 5G cell tower controversy

Wyandotte’s School Board voted to accept the resignation of Superintendent Catherine Cost on Wednesday, amid controversy over a 5G cell tower on Washington Elementary.

"I’m hoping they find somebody to fill her shoes that will put our children first and be a positive light in this district," parent Alexandria Cotner said.

An agreement between the district and T-Mobile led to the cell phone provider placing a 5G tower on the chimney of Washington Elementary. In exchange, the school gets a little over $1,000 a month. This deal was reached in 2018, but tower has recently been placed at the school.

This has led to tense school board meetings as parents demand answers about the possible health impacts on children.

"I believe that she’s (Cost) been a huge barrier in getting something done here. I believe that she dropped the ball at every step along the way from 2018 when this contract was signed up through as of yesterday, so I am very happy that we seem to be moving in the right direction," said attorney Josh Castmore, one of the biggest organizers pushing back against the tower.

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It's been an ongoing battle between parents, the district, and the cell phone provider. 

During one meeting, T-Mobile reps walked out.