Judge drops terrorism charges against 3 men accused of Whitmer kidnapping plot

A judge has dropped terrorism charges against three men accused of plotting to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer last year.

The alleged Wolverine Watchmen members Pete Musico, his son-in-law Joseph Morrison and Paul Bellar were charged with gun and terrorism-related charges. Judge Michael Klaeren dropped the terrorism charge during Monday's preliminary examination.

Pete Musico, his son-in-law Joseph Morrison and Paul Bellar was charged with gun and terrorism related charges.

Joseph Morrison ,Pete Musico, and Paul Bellar

According to Klaeren, while the men made "repeated statements" about killing people and other violent comments, those threats weren't being received by another person, which would make them terroristic threats.

"The threat must be done with the intent to create mayhem," Klaeren said. "If you're saying stuff in a closed environment, in many respects it's no different than just thinking the thought to yourself. It's not going to be blabbed to the outside world."

Klaeren said the men voiced their ideas to an informant who they thought was with them rather than publicly announcing their plans.

The men were ordered to stand trial.

Watch the preliminary examination below: