Kayla Sedoskey murder: Sixth suspect convicted in 2023 killing

Kaylyn Marie Ramsey

An Ohio woman was convicted of killing Kayla Sedoskey this week, more than a year after her body was found in an abandoned building in Frenchtown Township.

Kaylyn Marie Ramsey, 34, of Wakeman, Ohio, was convicted of second-degree murder after pleading no contest to the charge. As part of her plea, she will spend a minimum of 40 years in prison.

Numerous suspects have been charged and convicted in connection with the March 2, 2023 murder. Authorities say one of those people, Brin Smith, lured 23-year-old Sedoskey to the abandoned Boysville Juvenile Detention Center in Frenchtown Township. Once there, Sedoskey was beaten and shot before her body was wrapped in a tarp.

Kayla Sedoskey

Kayla Sedoskey

A motive for the crime is not clear, but authorities say evidence suggests it was possibly a "wedding present" for Narena and Steven Bails. It may have also been revenge for an argument Sedoskey and Ramsey had.

Steven Bails was convicted during a trial, while the other suspects have all entered pleas. 

Earlier this month, Smith pleaded no contest to second-degree murder. In February, Narena Bails and another defendant, Sierra Bemis, entered a plea of no contest to second-degree homicide charges. In January, Alexander Feko pleaded guilty to evidence tampering and three counts of accessory to a homicide after the fact, according to Monroe County officials.

Bemis, Feko, and Narena Bails all testified in Steven Bails's trial.

Ramsey's plea comes as she was awaiting trial.

Ramsey and Smith will be sentenced May 30, while the others will be sentenced May 23. 

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