Killer who stabbed Eastpointe woman and their daughter to death gets life sentence

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Two years ago an Eastpointe woman and her 13-month-old daughter were found stabbed to death in their home, with the baby's father convicted of killing them.

On Tuesday Curtis Hampton was sentenced for the heinous crime. He had actually testified on his own behalf in court - but the jury didn't buy it. Instead, they convicted a man the family calls a monster.

"It's been two years, two months and 13 days since my daughter was murdered," Rakowski said. "Finally I think some justice has been done."

Michael Rakowski and his wife Sharon finally had their moment in court. They watched Curtis Hampton - the man convicted of killing their 29-year-old daughter Monique and their 13-month-old granddaughter Carmon learned he will  spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Rakowski recalls the conversation he had with his daughter before she moved out of state.

"She said 'I have to go now, I said why do you have to go now,'" Rakowski said. "She said 'CJ is going to kill me.' I kind of rolled my eyes and said seriously? She said 'You don't know what he is capable of.' I am really sorry I didn't take her more seriously, then."

Monique eventually moved back and around the same time, doctors found a dangerous mass on her baby's jaw. Knowing how serious the surgery would be, Rakowski says Monique allowed Hampton to be there for his daughter. It was a decision they would all soon regret.

In February of 2015, Hampton went into a jealous rage, stabbing Monique 16 times, and his 13-month-old daughter once in the heart.

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Rakowski is the one who discovered them on the bathroom floor at her Eastpointe house.

"There is no way you can imagine what it is like," Rakowski said. "Forcing a door open and seeing your daughter and granddaughter on the floor. And he posed them, and put coins on my daughter's eyes. It is all very sick."

When given a chance to speak at the sentencing - Sharon Rakowski emotionally lashed out against the killer. Michael Rakowski says he wanted to be sure to thank the police prosecutors and jury for their work in bringing this case to justice.

Rakowski said he wasn't happy with the insincere apology uttered by Hampton in court, but pleased knowing parole will never be an option for a man who once threatened to kill his entire family.

The Rakowskis are looking to the future now that the trial is over. They are moving their surviving grandson out of state, hoping for a fresh start.

"My daughter and grandchildren were the center of our lives," Rakowski said. "And losing them is something we will never get over. We have an opportunity to give our grandson a good life and that's how we get on from here."

Michael Rakowski also had a grandson who is now 12 - luckily he was not with his mother that February day - or he says they would be grieving him as well. The family says they are grateful for the support from the community and they hope they keep them in their prayers.