Law enforcement: avoid unwanted access to unsecured firearms with free gunlocks

Children are increasingly gaining access to unsecured guns at home – often leading to fatal consequences. As a result, police are reminding gun owners to invest in gunlocks.

In June, a two-year-old Howell child accidentally shot himself with an unsecured gun; he was the son of a Dearborn police corporal. In August, a similar incident occurred involving an 8-year-old boy who gained access to an illegal, unsecured firearm. And just Thursday, another teenager accidentally shot himself in the face while at a family member's home in Canton, after discovering a gun.

Gunlocks are available and free at several law enforcement agencies in Michigan. To find an agency in your area, MDHHS shows an extensive list here.

"At the Southfield Police Department, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you have access to gunlocks," said Deputy Chief Aaron Huguley. "There’s no limit on the request."

Southfield Police have also brought gunlocks out to the community by hosting gunlock giveaways. 

On Friday, Fox 2 went to the Royal Oak Police Department to demonstrate how easy it is to obtain a gunlock – for free. Gun owners do not have to show any identification when requesting the device.

"Any level of protection that reduces the chances of a tragedy occurring is something we want to promote and make available to our citizens," said Lt. Richard Millard with Royal Oak police.

Gunlocks are also easy to use. 

"Simply, you take the magazine out of the firearm –take all the ammunition out of the firearm– and you ultimately feed this gunlock through the barrel, and then you lock it on the other side," Huguley said. 


Responsible gun owners don’t take chances when it comes to gun safety, according to law enforcement. 

"You’re not going to always have these firearms on you, in your possession, so when you have to put it down… and you can’t fully secure it in a safe, you can feed a gun lock through it." Huguley continued. "It renders that fire arm inoperable. We advocate for responsible gun ownership and all the facets that go with it

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