Macomb Township doctor accused of sexually assaulting assistants found practicing in Canada

Caught in Canada: In a FOX 2 follow up, police were able to track down Dr. Mfed Mosely accused of sexually assaulting at least three of his employees and then fleeing the country.

"This is something that has really affected my life over the last year – it’s been really really hard," said a former medical assistant. 

The 22-year-old is one of three former employees of Dr. Mosely who owned Summit Urgent Care in Macomb Township and worked as a pediatrician. As FOX 2 first reported, they claim he used his power and position to force sexual acts on the women and then tried to pay them to keep quiet.

"When we were closing down for the day – I looked in my purse and there was $100 bill in there – he put his finger up to his mouth like this and said 'Shhhh,'" she said.

According to the police report and a recently filed lawsuit - the women reported the alleged sex assaults in January of 2021. When investigators with the Macomb County Sheriff's Office attempted to question Dr. Mosely - he took off.

It was believed he fled to his native country Syria by way of Canada, but it appears he never left Canada and never stopped working.

Last week a man in Canada happened to see our story about Dr. Mosely online - and recognized him right away. It turns out - Mosely was his son's current pediatrician.

He called police who arrested Mosely and plans to have him extradited back to Macomb County.where he will finally face the criminal charges filed against him - and then some.

The former employee who doubted the doctor would ever be caught responded with this:

"I have a lot of mixed emotions about it still," she said. "I’m really happy I now get to see justice get served. But at the same time it gives me a pit in my stomach, because I know I’ll now have to see him in court. Overall it’s a positive step and we’ll just have to move forward and see how everything turns out."

The Macomb County Sheriff's Office says it informed the alleged victims of the discovery of Mosely, but he has yet to be extradited.

Dr. Mfed Mosely

Dr. Mfed Mosely