Man arrested for shining laser at state police helicopter in Detroit

A 34-year-old Detroit man was arrested for pointing a laser at a Michigan State Police helicopter on Wednesday.

During a patrol flight by Trooper 2, the suspect began shining a laser at the pilot, which was recorded on camera from an apartment off Fenton and Grand River.

"This dude is lasering us right now so, if you can't see him, he's hit us four or five times," the officer says from the helicopter on video directing a ground unit to the site. "He is still doing it."

Trooper Two was able to pin down the location and MSP Special Investigation Section detectives were able to get a warrant for the residence. The suspect was arrested for Directing energy from directed energy device at an aircraft and the laser was recovered.


It is unclear if any injuries were suffered by the crew aboard Trooper 2. According to state police the investigation is ongoing and a prosecutor review will determine charges.