Man charged after assaulting, forcing woman into van in Detroit

A man has been charged after being seen in a video assaulting a woman and forcing her in a van.

32-year-old Quintin Brian Dorrough faces unlawful imprisonment and domestic violence charges, according to the prosecutors' office.

Both individuals in the video, which quickly spread on social media after being posted last Monday, are a relationship, police said. "It was not a stranger abduction," said Assistant Chief David LeValley.

"It appears it was a domestic dispute between individuals who were in a multi-year relationship. An argument took place and it seems the victim had exited the vehicle and was walking in an alley near Eight Mile and Schoenherr. That's where the video image was captured," LeValley said. 

Police said the video was first posted on social media before being authorities saw the clip. In it, a woman who is walking down an alley is approached from behind by a moving van. When it stops, a man gets out and assaults the woman, slamming her into the side of the vehicle. 

He then forces her into the van, before getting back in and speeding away.

The two had been at a party when an argument broke out, LeValley said.

Quintin has been arrested for previous domestic violence issues but has never been convicted. The victim was identified as a 39-year-old woman who suffered minor injuries to her face during the assault. 

The incident happened on Dec. 25 shortly after 5 p.m. Police began investigating a day later and quickly identified both involved and the vehicle. It had been rented by a third party for moving and had been borrowed by the suspect. 

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