Man desperate to find 4 missing dogs he believes were stolen in Waterford Township

A man is desperate to find his dogs after four pets disappeared from a Waterford Township home last week.

Prasad Potluri said he brought the animals to a friend's house to play on Friday. 

"Five of them went out, and only one came back," he said.

Potluri said he thought the dogs wandered off, so he used drones to look for them in the area of Cass Elizabeth and Cooley Lake roads. 

However, after coming across a Craigslist listing showing dogs for sale that match the description of three of his dogs, he fears they may have been stolen. That posting has been deleted, and police are investigating.

"If you open a car door, they love car rides, all four of them, so all somebody had to do was just open a car door. They will hop in, no questions asked," Potluri said.

Potluri is offering a $5,000 reward to get his dogs back.

"Just please, just give them back. Collect your reward and let us have our joy, life and joy back," he said. "I can’t get anything done, I’m just a nervous wreck."