Man runs from River Rouge police, does donuts in front of city hall & hits officer's car before speeding away

The River Rouge Police Department says it's searching for a driver who led police on a chase, did donuts in front of city hall, hit a police car, and then sped off at nearly 100 MPH in a school zone on Sunday.

Police released bodycam video that showed the view from the officer's perspective inside the vehicle. The unnamed officer calls in the chase of the man who is refusing to stop after police said the black Chrysler 300 SRT didn't have a license plate.

According to police, the driver turned off of Coolidge Highway and onto W. Jefferson Ave and started doing donuts in front of City Hall. That's when police said he lost control and hit the officer's car, damaging both cars.

The officer immediately got out of the car, pulled his gun, and demanded the driver to get out of the car. Instead, the driver hit the gas and continued back onto Coolidge at 100 mph in a 25 mph school zone.

According to police, the vehicle has heavy damage to the front passenger door and he may have to take his car to an auto body collision shop for repairs.

The car is a Chrysler 300 SRT with white racing stripes. 

Anyone with information on his identity or the whereabouts of the vehicle is asked to contact the River Rouge Police Department at (313) 842-8700 Ext 1.

Police released this bodycam video that shows an officer trying to get a driver to stop in River Rouge.