Mayor Duggan seeks input from Detroit residents on how to spend federal relief money

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan held a public Zoom meeting Tuesday night to get public input about how the city should spend several hundred million dollars in federal relief money.

Detroit is set to receive $826 dollars, the fifth-largest allotment in the United States.

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Of that money, $400 million will go toward budget shortfalls, while the city is still deciding how to spend $426 million. The money cannot be used to pay off past debt or previous legal obligations.

"We have a once and a lifetime opportunity because of the American Rescue plan, President Biden, and our delegation," Duggan said. "I think we oughta take $100 million and put it towards intergenerational poverty and go at this issue hard like this city or country has never seen."

Some of the mayor's other top priorities include investing in neighborhoods, as well as parks and recreation and cultural assets. He said he would like to  boost public safety, help close the digital divide, and support small businesses.

The city plans to hold more public sessions. Learn more here.