Metro Detroit preps for up to seven inches of snow

The first big snowstorm of 2020 is just hours away from dropping up to half-of-a-foot of snow on our driveways and sidewalks and most people in Metro Detroit are getting ready.

A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for all of southeastern Michigan beginning 10 p.m. Friday until 12 p.m. Saturday.   

The largest snowstorm we've seen since early November will drop a lot of snow starting after midnight Saturday and you'll likely wake up with five to seven inches of snow.

By the time you wake up Saturday morning, several inches will have already fallen outside, but it won't be over yet. It will continue until around noon when it turns to rain, which will then freeze, 

By Saturday night the temps will fall again, meaning an icy Sunday is on tap. Wind chills are expected to be near 15 degrees throughout the day Sunday.

From soup and water to shovels and scrapers in salt, people across metro Detroit are loading up for the big storm.

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