Michigan 2023 election guide: November ballot info, poll times, how to register

There's no president or governor being elected this year, but there are still dozens of local elections that will determine mayor seats, marijuana regulations, and potentially, even control in the Michigan legislature. 

In Warren, voters will select a new mayor for the first time in almost two decades after Jim Fouts' tenure came to an end. Meanwhile, cannabis proposals in Rochester would open the city up to marijuana businesses if approved. 

The mayoral race in Warren, as well as a mayoral race in Westland could upend control in the Michigan House chamber, where Democrats hold a slim majority. If either of the representatives running for mayor win, it could alter Democrats' plan for legislation.

The contingency has led to a flurry of activity in Lansing the past two weeks, including votes on abortion and the environment.

The 2023 local races are the first to be held in the state with new early voting rules. Thanks to a ballot proposal that passed last election, some communities opened up their voting to early election rules that allow constituents to cast ballots early. 

Find more information about the pilot program here.

A full list of local elections can be found on the state's website here.

And if you're looking for more information on getting registered, previewing your ballot, or how to vote, we've got you covered below.

Local election information

Each county has local election information on their own respective websites. You can access them by clicking any of the links below:

What's on my ballot?

Curious to see what's on your ballot before heading to the polls? The easiest way to do that is to head to the Secretary of State's website. There, someone can see a sample ballot by selecting the jurisdiction they live in.

You can fill that out here.

Check your voter registration

Literally, the very thing you need to do is make sure you are registered to vote.

If you haven't registered, it's too late to register online to vote in the primary - but Michigan is one of a few states where you can register to vote the day of the election.

To register to vote the day of the election, you will need to bring proof of residency and eligibility to your city clerk's office.

Where do I vote in the Michigan election?

Just like the primary election in August, your general election voting spot will take place at your polling location. 

If you're not sure where that location is, the state has a database that will enable you to find out. You'll either need personal information, a driver's license, or your city or township clerk. 

Just plug the info into the website here

How to vote absentee

If you've requested an absentee ballot, you can still get it in before Tuesday's election.  

Michigan allows any and all voters, except those incarcerated, to vote via absentee ballot. You just have to apply for one early enough to drop in the mailbox or in the election drop box

But you can still pick up an absentee ballot and skip the voting precinct - you just have to go to your local election clerk's office. You'll find more information on voting absentee here.

What time the polls are open and when do they close?

For anyone voting in person, election polls will be open on Nov. 7 from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time. If you get in line but haven’t cast your ballot by the time polls close at 8 p.m., you have a right to cast your ballot.