Michigan beachgoers surprised to find deer enjoying some sun over the weekend

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You've heard of a beached whale, but a beached deer? 

That's the sight that visitors on a western Michigan beach were blessed with during the last day of the Fourth of July holiday.

On Sunday July 6, a video surfaced from Katie Papke showing a deer hanging out with people on the beach. Normally a skittish animal that keeps to themselves, this particularly curious mammal found himself surrounded by people near Sauatuck, Michigan in the afternoon.

"There is a deer that came out of the sand dunes at Saugatuck," said the person holding the camera. "It's just enjoying himself here on Lake Michigan."

Seen at the Saugatuck Dunes State Park, the buck stood about deer-ankle high in the water, and perused the beach for about  30 minutes. The deer quickly became the most interesting feature on the beach, with a panning of the video showing dozens of people capturing the odd incident on their phones.

Papke told Storyful that those on the beach were careful not to feed the deer and “caution was used by others when approaching” it. Papke added, “he acted like a dog, allowed others to pet him and take pictures with him.”

If he wasn't gazing off into Lake Michigan's horizon, he was showing his affection to the knees of nearby vacationers.

An estimated 1.75 million deer populate Michigan a number that has grown in recent years, reports Deerfriendly.com. An important part of hunting season in the late fall and winter, the Department of Natural Resources has used a very liberal policy for prospective hunters in regards to hunting regulations. That's because the state's environment has proved to be very conducive for deer to populate in.