Michigan Central Station opens this June

If you saw a date on Michigan Central Station on Monday night and wondered if the opening is near, you're right.

MCS finally reopens June 6, as foreshadowed by the numbers "06.06.24" illuminated across the front of the historic Detroit train depot.

"We know Detroit and the world are eager to see how we’ve brought Michigan Central Station back to life. We are excited to show the first glimpse of the station on June 6, 2024, as we open its doors once again," Michigan Central said in a statement.

Ford Motor Co. has spent the past several years renovating the train station after buying the building when it was in a state of disrepair in 2018.

Since then, the building has undergone extensive improvements. 


Crews find 1913 letter in Stroh's beer bottle during Michigan Central Station restoration

A Stroh's beer bottle found inside Michigan Central Station in Detroit had a note in it from 1913.

The project was approached in phases, and included gutting the more than 100-year-old building, or at least what was left inside of it; thieves and scrappers ransacked the building while it sat vacant.

The first phase entailed winterizing the water-damaged building. It was also stabilized. 

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During phase two, the mechanical and electrical systems were replaced, and exterior masonry was restored. 

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Phase three, the final phase of the project, included finishing and restoring the interior of Michigan Central.


Michigan Central Station renovations: From blighted train depot to next chapter

Michigan Central Station's next chapter officially begins June 6, when the historic Detroit train depot opens after extensive renovations started after Ford bought the building.

Ford worked closely with the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office and National Park Service throughout the project to make sure that the building retained its history while being revamped. 

The process included restoring original pieces when possible and replacing parts that weren't salvageable.

An unpainted 3D printed piece next to the original 

For instance, a 3D printer was used to recreate pieces that adorn the windows. New bricks were also matched to the original bricks to ensure they looked how they did when the train station was operational.

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Though it will no longer serve as a train station, Ford has previously said the building will house its autonomous vehicle teams, while the main area will be open to the public.

During the renovations, the automaker has revealed some details about the plans for what the public area will look like, including a coffee shop where drinks are served out of the old ticket windows, small shops, eating areas, spaces for education, and event spaces. 

The depot will also serve as the anchor for a larger mobility campus that Ford says is designed to connect neighborhoods and provide a variety of services. 


Michigan Central milestone reached as restored Book Depository building reopens

Five years after the campus was purchased and almost 90 years after it was built, a new company will move into the historic building.

Ford aimed for opening in mid-2023, but that date came and went as work continued. Now, Detroit will get the first glimpse into the depot.

More details about the opening are expected to be posted to michigancentral.com.