Michigan comedian Mike Bonner returns to Detroit stage one year after last show

One of the hardest-hit industries throughout the pandemic has been live entertainment Mike Bonner is a local comedian and experienced both the shutdown and the virus in a matter of days last March.

"It's been tough. I can't lie, it's been tough. I've done a lot of Zoom calls, Zoom shows. A Zoom show is not like a live entertainment show. Live entertainment is the key to a great performance. It's been tough. My last show was in Detroit on March 7th at the Opera House in front of like 4,000 people. Amazing show, the next day I was in Beaumont Hospital with COVID," said Mike Bonner, comedian. 

Bonner says he is now ready to get back on the stage in Detroit. He'll be among five comedians at Bert's Warehouse Theater at Eastern Market.

"It's gonna be a socially distanced comedy show. We need everybody to come inside, and wear their masks, and sit with the folks they came with. We'll be sitting apart - it won't be jammed packed. We're not going to do that. It's going to be amazing. When I'm stage, I'll take my mask off - other than that, I'll have my mask on because we need folks to wear their masks and be absolutely as safe as possible," he said,

Now even though this will be Bonner's first show in Detroit, he has been honing his craft around the country.

"Michigan's been locked down. I've gone to a few states that have been a little bit open. I played Indianapolis, I played Chicago, I played Nashville - and they were kinda open. Cleveland - open. But Detroit has been locked down and you need to have a great date this weekend. We're here at Bert's place Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for three big nights of comedy, it's going to be phenomenal."

For more info on the live show at Bert's Warehouse Theater, check out funnyvalentinedetroit.com.