Michigan drivers paying $1 more per gallon than September 2020

Gas prices in Michigan are up once again as drivers are paying, on average, more than $1 per gallon more than they were at this time in 2020.

According to AAA, gas prices across Michigan are up 8 cents per gallon compared to last week and drivers are paying $3.24 per gallon. On average, that's $1.07 more than a year ago.

In other words, it could cost you up to $49 to fill up a 15-gallon tank. Last year, that same fill-up cost you $32.

That's a big difference and it's probably going to continue, AAA says.

"With crude prices trending above $70 a barrel, pump prices continue to remain elevated as we move into fall," said AAA spokesperson Adrienne Woodland.

The cheapest places to buy gas in Michigan are in Benton Harbor ($3.18), Marquette ($3.22), Flint ($3.22).

The most expensive is here in Southeast Michigan: Ann Arbor ($3.28), Metro Detroit ($3.27), Lansing ($3.24).