Michigan mom needs help after baby born with inoperable throat cancer

When Kayli Turner was born, it didn't take long for her mother to realize something wasn't right. At first, she was told the baby had Covid but that all changed after the infant was diagnosed with a rare cancer.

Kayli is now just three months old but has already been fighting a rare neuroblastoma inside her throat.

Her mom, Amber Waddell, said Kayli was born in November and she made a squeaky sound when she inhaled, so Amber asked her doctor. They didn't seem worried but Amber could tell something was wrong. 

"I could tell how her chest was falling she was having trouble breathing, so I took her in for that - and thank God I did," Amber said.

The first diagnosis was COVID-19 but Amber knew it was more than that. An ear, nose, and throat doctor took a look and discovered the tumor was partially blocking Kali's airway. Even worse, it was inoperable. 

"It's sitting on a nerve and it's wrapped around her carotid artery, so that's why they couldn't do the surgery," Amber said.

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The tumor was growing rapidly and Kayli underwent chemotherapy in hopes that it shrink the tumor. Now there are constant doctor appointments and Amber has to homeschool her two older daughters because they can't risk exposing Kayli to any germs.

Amber works in mental health at a local hospital and, while they're holding her job, there's no paycheck. She used her paid time off for maternity leave and was only back to work for three days when this all happened.

"It's just overwhelming, it is," Amber said. "I have to keep everything together and right now, it's been really rough."

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Amber has started a GoFundMe to help them get through this challenging time. She says family, friends, and co-workers have been so supportive but Amber's greatest strength is her daughter.

"She makes me strong through this because she's a fighter," Amber said. "That's the only thing that's keeping me strong: my faith and her smile."

But Amber credits her attention to her daughter for getting her help as soon as they did.

"Pay attention. And always get a second opinion," she said. "I'm glad that I was paying attention and her father was paying attention because it could have been different."

If not for that, it could have been very different or even deadly.

If you want to help Amber and her family, check out their GoFundMe page here

Kayli - Baby K - was diagnosed with throat cancer right after she was born.