Missing Detroit Chef Doug Calhoun's family awaits word on discovered body

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The scene on Greydale in Detroit's Brightmoor neighborhood after a body was found Friday. Inset: Missing Chef Doug Calhoun, who lived nearby and whose family hopes is not the person discovered.

A body was found in a sealed container inside a vacant house on Detroit's west side.

The discovery was made Friday afternoon on Greydale near Outer Drive in the Brightmoor neighborhood. The family of missing Chef Doug Calhoun, a former Marine who went missing last month is in agony waiting to know if this body is his.

Several family members kept behind yellow tape as investigators worked inside the vacant house on Greydale near Outer Drive where a body was found sealed inside a large drum container. Police not able to tell yet even if the body is male or female.

"We pray that it's not him," said Judy Benford, Calhoun's aunt. "Because everybody loves him and misses him."

Chef Douglas Calhoun went missing from his Outer Drive home in the Brightmoor neighborhood June 1. His house is located about 10 miles from where a body was discovered.

"It's tough already just to see this," said Benford.

Police found the body at about 3 p.m. and only a few hours before, Calhoun's family gathered for a press conference with Crime Stoppers.

"He has a 6-year-old niece texting him and wondering why 'Uncle DJ' is not responding to her text messages, why isn't uncle DJ picking me up from school," said Dayna Phillips, Calhoun's sister. "He needs to come home."

The family is offering an extra $1,000 bonus on top of a $6,000 reward if a good tip was called in by midnight tonight leading them to the location of the well-known, widely-loved Marine.

"If your family member was missing, I know you would want me to say something," Phillips said. "The money is secondary. You need to do the right thing. The man has a family that misses him."

Shortly after, police received several tips leading them to the house just outside the area where large search parties spent the last two months scouring through fields, woods and other vacant houses.

Family desperate to find missing 'Chef Doug' Calhoun
Friends, family search streets for missing 'Chef Doug' Calhoun

According to the medical examiner’s office, it could be hours, days or possibly weeks until they can confirm for sure if this him or not.