MSP data: Michigan's crash rates fell in 2023; pedestrian, bike accidents rose

In 2023, Michigan saw a marginal decline in total road accidents and deaths, according to latest figures from the Michigan State Police Criminal Justice Information Center (CJIC)

There were 1,095 road deaths reported in 2023, compared to 1,123 fatalities reported in 2022 – which is a 2% decrease, MSP released. The total number of traffic collisions from 2022 to 2023 also saw a 2% decline – from 293,341 to 287,953.

Despite this, crashes involving at-risk roadway users like pedestrians and cyclists saw an uptick of over 10%. 

In the annually released data, MSP states:

  • Pedestrian-involved crashes increased by 11% – from 1,897 incidents in 2022 to 2,114 incidents in 2023.
  • Pedestrian deaths increased by 6% – from 173 fatalities in 2022 to 183 fatalities in 2023.
  • Bicycle-related crashes rose by 10% – from 1,340 incidents in 2022 to 1,480 incidents in 2023.
  • Bicyclist deaths, however, decreased by 33% – from 36 fatalities in 2022 to 24 fatalities in 2023.

"We all have to share that same roadway, so we got to watch out for those risky driving behaviors," said MSP Lt. Mike Shaw. "If you're a bicyclist, make sure you're following the law. If you're a pedestrian, make sure you're using crosswalks."

The director of the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning said Michigan’s new Hands-Free Law has had an impact on fewer distracted driving crashes – with 305 fewer incidents in 2023 compared to 2202.

"There’s always going to be people who are going to comply because it’s the right thing to do, and there’s other people that are going to skirt it a little bit," Shaw said. "Then sometimes, you need that enforcement aspect of it too."

Drivers are being warned to slow down, as MSP will be cracking down on speeding until the end of July, Shaw said.

Also important to note, "alcohol-involved fatalities decreased by 8%, falling from 322 deaths in 2022 to 297 in 2023," according to the MSP data. "While drug-involved fatalities increased 3%, from 249 deaths in 2022 to 256 in 2023."


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