MSP search for shooter after toddler killed on I-75, says family 'targeted' after Thursday night event

Almost 24 hours after a 2-year-old boy was shot and killed on a Detroit freeway Thursday night, Michigan State Police said it doesn't appear this was a random incident and believe the family may have been targeted by the shooter.

Police are still searching for the shooter who killed the little boy and injured a 9-year-old in the back seat of the family's pickup truck. MSP Lt. Michael Shaw said this is a tragic start to Father's Day weekend for this family.

"Regardless of what this was about or what it was into, there is still a dead child and there's still a father that is going to have a different Father’s Day this weekend," he said.

According to Shaw and investigators the family of four - mom, dad, and two boys, were in the Dodge Ram pickup truck on I-75 and just getting onto the highway near McNichols on the city's west side when their truck was the target of the shooter.

"That individual appeared alongside, rolled down the window, and fired multiple shots at the vehicle,"  Shaw said.

The 9 and 2-year-old boys were in the backseat and both were hit by bullets. The family pulled over immediately and called 911. Detroit Police arrived within minutes and rushed the 2-year-old to Children's Hospital in a scout car.

Sadly, the 2-year-old boy, identified only by his first name as Bryson, died. His brother, BJ, was released from the hospital Friday afternoon.

MSP detectives and Detroit Police are both working around the clock to find the person responsible.

"We know that this is more than likely not a random incident so people don't have to worry about driving down the freeway and thinking that there's someone out there just randomly shooting at cars," he said. "There's always another part of this story."

According to investigators, the family seems to have been targeted after leaving an event Thursday night. Police are searching for a light-colored 4-door sedan possibly a Chrysler 300 but that's certain.

"There is a lot that puts us to that area and nothing I’m willing to discuss at that time," Shaw said.

Police are asking anyone who possibly knows anything to come forward.

"Somebody knows who did this and if you are the guy in the car with the shooter - it’s like you shot somebody too," Shaw said.

He said the incident is part of a growing trend of violence that's moved onto the highways over the last couple of years.

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In addition to the incident on I-75, another shooting happened on the Southfield Freeway last night around 11 p.m. Two victims were struck by non-fatal gunfire near Schoolcraft. The driver was hit in the shoulder and a passenger in the rear seat was hit in the knee.

No motive has been determined in that case but police don't believe it was random either.

"People have decided anywhere is okay to shoot at somebody else because quite honestly people don’t have the respect for human life as they did a year ago," Shaw said.

MSP said the two freeway shootings are not related.

Shaw also said some search warrants have been executed but would not elaborate further.