Multiple Catholic high schools closed Friday for threats

Multiple Catholic high schools around metro Detroit are closed Friday for threats. 

The closings started at De La Salle in Warren, where a 17-year-old student brought a knife to school on Thursday causing a lockdown. Then a threat this morning on social media warned of violence at the All Saints Day mass at school Friday. 

The school decided to cancel classes for the day. It appears right now the two incidents are separate.

Also closed on Friday are Regina High School in Warren, Catholic Central High School in Novi and University of Detroit Jesuit High School. 

According to police, schools sent a message to parents alerting them about a possible threat. 

It's not known right now if the alleged threats could all be connected. 

Meanwhile, the closing at De La Salle comes on the heels of the news that the school is cancelling its football season after reports of player hazing

The notice came after an investigation by the school administration found the varsity football team had been hazing players. The team was scheduled to play Birmingham Groves high school in a pre-district game this Friday.

The investigation also said the hazing "has deeper roots and is more pervasive than originally thought."