Murder charge issued for Westland man in friend's death

A Westland man is now facing a murder charge after the death of a woman in August 2019. 

The body of Olivia Rossi, 23, was found by police officers on August 23, 2019 in a creek in Hines Park. The investigation led police to an acquaintance, 26-year-old Anthony Kesteloot, who's been jailed ever since for multiple charges including moving a body and evidence tampering. 

But this week prosecutors dropped that case and re-issued another one, charging Kesteloot with open murder. 

Prosecutors say Kesteloot and Rossi were together at his home in the 29000 block of Manchester on August 18, 2019 when Rossi died. They apparently had sex, did drugs, and some sort of argument ensued and Rossi is now alleged to have choked Rossi to death.  

He's then accused of wrapping her body in a sheet, putting it in a clothes hamper and leaving it along the Rouge River

Kesteloot is now charged with open murder, disinterment of a dead body, obstruction of justice, removing a dead body, failure to report a dead body and tampering with evidence. 

He was arraigned on the new charge Tuesday and was denied bond. 

He's due back in court January 23. 

A photograph of victim Olivia Rossi