Murderer of Detroit firefighter gets 40 years in prison

A suspect convicted of killing a Detroit firefighter and ransacking his home was sentenced to four decades in prison.

It was almost a year ago when thieves ransacked the home of David Madrigal, killing the Detroit firefighter. On Wednesday, one of the suspects was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

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Timmy Lynn Soto was convicted of murdering Madrigal and was sentenced on Wednesday. Before that happened though, the court heard emotional words from his two children who spoke about their quest for justice.

"He dedicated his life to Detroit he had a retirement party planned when he died," his daughter Christiana Madrigal said.

"When everyone left this city he chose to stay," his son, also named David, said.

Madrigal knew Soto and had paid him to do odd jobs for him. When he learned about Soto's criminal background, he decided to cut ties.

"He was taken out while sleeping - by a coward," David said.

Then Madrigal's son told Soto what he hopes for his future behind bars

"I hope that this animal over here doesn't last a week and I don't see a b**** like him lasting a week," David said.

During sentencing, Soto got a chance to talk as well and he apologized for what he did.

"I apologize to the family for what I did. I know I was wrong I wasn't in the right state of mind," Soto said.

He received 38 to 80 years for second degree murder and two years for felony firearm.

Another defendant, Christian Rasnick, is scheduled to be sentenced Thursday. A third defendant, Nicole Oneill, is awaiting her trial which is scheduled to start in March of next year.