New DPD graduate in Greektown fight resigns; disturbing details of his arrest emerge

The Detroit police officer who was arrested after a fight in Greektown last weekend is no longer on the force.

Mohamad Salameh quit his job before his probationary hearing set for August 31st, which likely would have led to his firing.

The scuffle in Greektown took place just hours after Salameh graduated from the police academy.

FOX 2: "What’s the significance of this officer quitting before he could be fired?"

"A couple of things: it’s my understanding he has a close family friend who’s an attorney," said Steve Dolunt. "He probably told him if he quit right now, they may not charge you."

FOX 2 caught up with retired Dolunt, the Detroit deputy police chief for some insight.

"If you resign without being charged, you can apply for a job at another department," he said.

Salameh could run into hurdles there. Sources say he cursed at, threatened, and hurled racial epithets at officers while in police custody, including the n-word.

"If that’s the case, chances are the officers he was dealing with at the detention center could be men of color, women of color and word is going to get around - 'We don’t want to work with this guy,'" Dolunt said. "And that’s going to hurt him when he applies at another police department."

The Edge obtained video of Salameh shortly after his arrest.

FOX 2 stopped by Salameh’s home Thursday to get his take on what happened last weekend. He did not come to the door, but a man claiming to be his grandfather did.

"Whatever it’s in the past, you know?" said the man. "I, we don’t want to, it’s in the past.

"Actually I don’t know why he wanted to do police," he said. "I wanted him to be a doctor."

Detroit police continue to pursue charges against Salameh, the case was re-submitted to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office tonight.