Oak Park jeweler murder plot sees shooting footage, hears dramatic testimony in day 4 of trial

A dramatic day in court took place where an attorney and a hitman are on trial for orchestrating the murder of a well-known Oak Park jeweler two years ago.

Both Marco Bisbikis, an attorney, and Roy Larry, the alleged shooter, are charged in the killing of Daniel ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson. Video of the shooting and witness testimony from someone who observed the shooter were just some of the parts of day four of the trial.

"So many shots - that's all I know. So many, so loud, it was frightening," said Clarence Lewis from the witness stand.

Lewis told the court he spotted a man riding a bike and wielding a gun. 

The jury was shown the e-bike that Larry was allegedly riding when he shot and killed Hutchinson. They were also shown security footage from a nearby business where a man on a bike open fires into a black-colored SUV. 

The footage also shows a Mercedes take off after the gunman. The driver was a friend of the Hutchinson family named Alex Sakellaris. 

"My man was riding down - he was chasing after him and then when he got to a certain point ‘bam’ and my man fell on the ground," said Lewis.

Police later found Larry a block away with a leg injury.

"We approached him and he tried to get up and flee and we ordered him back to the ground," said Daniel Batora, a lieutenant with Oak Park Public Safety. "He told me that his name was Roy and that he had been shot, so I began to check him for a gunshot wound."

A gunshot wound was never located.

Neither was a weapon, however, hat and gloves were found at the scene while Larry was taken to the hospital. 

In a twist, Sakellaris would come back to the murder scene with his attorney - the same one now on trial for murder. He's accused of being the mastermind behind the scheme that would net him millions of dollars from Hutch's business after writing himself into the jeweler's will.

Police said Sakellaris would describe the suspect before Bisbikis would interject and question him. 

Law enforcement eventually interviewed Bisbikis, showing him a photo of Roy Larry and of Darnell Larry, a former co-defendant who has since flipped for the prosecution. His testimony included helping Bisbikis orchestrate the murder - and even getting his cousin Roy to kill the jeweler.

"He said the photo of Roy Larry didn't match the person that he saw on the video," said Batora.

Prosecutors further allege Bisbikis was trying to steer investigators away from Roy Larry, going as far as calling a defense attorney to represent the alleged shooter immediately following the murder.

"He told me that the family of the accused was reaching out to him for him to represent them - that's what he told me," Trovious Starr, the defense attorney, said from the witness stand.

Bisbikis allegedly said he not only knew the family of the accused, but also represented the victim.

"He was telling me it was weird because the person that was shot was at his office earlier that day," said Starr.

Court testimony resumes Friday morning.  


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