Oakland County Election Results

Oakland County has historically been a Democratic stronghold dating back to 2004, which is as far the county records go back.

  • 2004 - John Kerry narrowly defeated President. George W. Bush for the county by just 2,754 votes. He won with 49.75% of the vote.
  • 2008 - President Barack Obama won with 56% of the vote, defeating John McCain by 95,610 votes
  • 2012 - Obama won the county again with 53% of the vote, winning by 52,488
  • 2016 - Hillary Clinton carried the county with 51% of the vote vs Pres. Donald Trump's 43%. She won by 53,867 votes.

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How will the county vote in the 2020 Election? We'll track the votes as they come in this interactive tracker while also tracking how Oakland County votes in the U.S. Senate and House.

We're also tracking results in Wayne County here, which has also long proved to be a strong Democrat county.

Meanwhile, Macomb County has proven to be pivotal to Presidential hopefuls in every election dating back to 2004. Every winner of Macomb County since 2004 has gone on to win the Presidency. 

But we're not just tracking races for seats in Washington, we're also counting every vote for every state house seat in Oakland County in the tracker here: