Wayne County Election Results

Wayne County has long been a deeply blue county with Democrats winning the race for the White House in every election dating back to 2008, which is as far as Wayne County data is published on their site. 

  • 2008 - Barack Obama defeated John McCain with over 660,000 votes, winning with 74% of the vote
  • 2012 - Obama won re-election by over 352,000 votes, winning with 77% of the vote
  • 2016 - Hillary Clinton won with 66% of the vote, winning the county by 290,451 votes

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Will 2020 follow suit with previous Presidential elections? We'll track the votes as they come in this interactive tracker while also tracking how Wayne County votes in the U.S. Senate and House, plus the statehouse races here:

We're also tracking results in Oakland County here, which has also long proved to be a strong Democrat county.

Meanwhile, Macomb County has proven to be pivotal to Presidential hopefuls in every election dating back to 2004. Every winner of Macomb County since 2004 has gone on to win the Presidency. 

We're also going to review every single statehouse race in Wayne County as well, which you can review in the interactive tracker here: