Officials: Soil failure from weight caused Southwest Detroit road to buckle

Soil failure caused a road in Southwest Detroit to buckle in September, according to the city's Chief Operating Officer, Hakim Berry.

The road buckled at Fort and Dearborn streets on Sept. 11, leading to the demolition of a marijuana dispensary.

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Berry said weight from material stored on soil that wasn't strong enough made the soil shift.

The company storing the material was legally doing so, Berry said, but the city is now reviewing ordinances related to material storage.

The official explanation said:

"Our analysis determined that the ground shift was caused by a soil failure, due to the combination of the weight of materials stored in the area and the ground not being strong enough to hold it.

"While the company storing the material was operating completely legally, this incident and others in Southwest Detroit are causing us to review our ordinances as they relate to top material storage, particularly in the southwest area of the city.

"The final report is nearing completion, but is currently undergoing legal review. once we're able to release the final report, we will."