Pair caught swapping barcodes to steal from Michigan Walmart

A pair is accused of swapping barcodes at a northern Michigan Walmart store to get more expensive items for cheaper.

Police were called to the store on M-32 in Alpena County after a loss prevention worker watching security tapes saw a man and woman putting barcodes from inexpensive items onto more expensive items. This happened between March and June, and more than $1,600 worth of merchandise was stolen using this method, police said.

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Surveillance video was used to identify the suspects, who are both from Alpena. An arrest warrant for Michael Ray Jackson, 39, was issued on Aug. 12, and he turned himself in on Aug. 23.

Jackson was arraigned Sept. 20 on a first-degree retail fraud charge. The 44-year-old woman hasn't been charged.

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This is the second time recently that loss prevention employees have caught someone swapping barcodes. Another man was charged with swapping barcodes and then scanning the incorrect barcodes at self-checkout machines. 

Police said he stole about $1,100 worth of merchandise.