Parking lot shooting at Sterling Heights condo caught on surveillance camera

Police in Sterling Heights are investigating a shooting that happened over the weekend at a condominium complex. One woman was hurt but her injuries weren't life-threatening. 

The shooting was captured on surveillance video and shows the suspect shooting into the woman's car from just a few feet away. 

The shooting happened Saturday, Nov. 28 at the Park Place condominiums off Big Beaver near Dequindre. 

The victim got into her car and reversed just as a person in a pick up truck began pulling away. The two cars almost collided, then the person in the truck got out and fired several shots into the woman's vehicle. 

The woman sped off out of the parking lot and the suspect in the truck followed. 

Then, moments later, the woman returned to the home in her car and pulled up onto the lawn, got out of the car and ran inside. 

The suspect in the truck also was seen coming back into view of the camera before the driver sped off. 

It's not known right now if the victim and suspect knew each other.  

It's unclear right now if the woman was shot or if she sustained other injuries.