9-year-old girl dead in accidental shooting after being left home alone

A 9-year-old is dead after an accidental shooting on the city's west side according to Detroit police.

The incident happened in the 15800 block of Kentucky as the 9-year-old was upstairs in the house, no other adults were inside the house.

Police say the child found the gun and shot herself in an unfortunate accident. There were two other young children - her brother and sister 10 and 5 years old. Both were not injured.

Two men came to the house later and were detained by police. It is not clear what relation they have to the children.

"We are seeing this too often, please put your weapons up," said Capt. Lashanna Potts, Detroit police. "You cannot leave babies home alone by themselves and leave weapons that are laying around.

Right now we have a mother who is devastated and two siblings who this is going to be the worst day of their life."

Photo by Randy Wimbley/FOX 2

The gun has not been recovered but the ammunition magazine was found by police. 

Police say the 911 call regarding the shooting was received at 7:35 p.m. but it is unclear who placed it at this time.

It is the second fatal shooting of a child in two days in Detroit. On Wednesday 7-year-old Reginae Williams was struck in the back of the head in a drive-by, later dying from the wound.