Police: Murder suspect also planned killing spree, was heavily armed when arrested

Authorities say a man who planned to go on a killing spree after murdering his girlfriend is in custody.

"He was ready to go out in a blaze of glory and shoot up whatever and whoever he could," says Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham of the suspect, who has been identified as Jeremiah Boshell.

Authorities believe Boshell killed his girlfriend, 38-year-old Lisa Fabbri, Monday evening with a single bullet to the head, and then hid her body in her car.

Her body was found in the driver's seat of her car behind a home in Lenox Township on Frost Road Tuesday morning. The homeowner made the discovery in a field behind his house and called police.

Then, the search was on for her boyfriend, Boshell -- and that's when police say his violent plans hadn't ended just yet.

Armed with an AR-15, a shotgun and a handgun, Boshell told his father he was going to take out two guys at a transmission shop in Lapeer, according to Sheriff Wickersham.

"Once we had that information, our investigators actually called that transmission shop and an employee told our investigator that he [Boshell] was just here; he has on a tactical vest, a bandolier with bullets on it and he left in an unknown direction," Wickersham said at a press conference Wednesday morning.

The guys Boshell was allegedly looking for weren't at the transmission shop -- but undercover deputies were.

They followed Boshell, but that's when he started shooting at them and at a person walking down the street. Michigan State Police got involved and chased after him on Interstate 69, eventually capturing him and taking him into custody.

"He's a dangerous guy. We believe, and our goal is to prove that he was involved in our homicide in Lenox. His car was filled and was ready to go; we'll show you the pictures of what was taken out of that vehicle. This was a guy that we all felt was going to go down in a gun battle," Wickersham said.

To see photos of what authorities recovered from Boshell's car, watch the video report in the player above from FOX 2's Amy Lange.

Sheriff Wickersham says Boshell will face charges for attempted murder in Lapeer and a charge of murder in Macomb County.

"He had a plan on who was going to be taken out and I think he wanted to possibly take himself out. Whether that would be suicide by cop or not, we just know he's a dangerous guy and we're glad to have him behind bars," Wickersham said.

Authorities say they aren't sure at this time what caused Boshell to go on the alleged violent spree. Boshell and Fabbri have a 16-year-old child together.

They do believe, though, that the AR-15 and the shotgun that he was found with may have been purchased by Fabbri. Authorities believe neither of those guns were used in her death.