Michigan State Police said rappers shot multiple times before dumped in apartment, murders not random

Authorities investigating the triple murder of three men who were found in an abandoned apartment in Highland Park last week after their disappearance say the investigation was not random.

"The investigation is continuing and detectives are making progress and we believe we may have determined a motive," state police wrote on Twitter. 

Police also confirmed the cause of death for each man was multiple gunshot wounds. 

The triple homicide investigation has marshaled law enforcement resources from all over the region - leading to the discovery of the bodies late Thursday night last week. Since then, a 15-year-old boy has been arrested and charged.

Sources confirmed with FOX 2's Jessica Dupnack that a Highland Park man was also arrested in Knoxville, Tennessee, on separate charges - but is wanted for questioning in the murder.

The grisly discovery of Montoya Givens, Armani Kelly, and Dante Wicker happened two weeks after the three men, who were scheduled to perform at a local venue in Detroit, disappeared hours after the show as canceled.

Mystery over what occurred after their disappearance has shrouded the case.

Family members of the three men have spoken with FOX 2 about the experience of losing their kids. 

"Ten years of my son’s life was taken away from me and then I get him back for ten months and he's dead. How am I supposed to feel?" asked Catina Fogle, mother of Givens. "I feel numb right now."

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