Prayer walk planned near Detroit drug house as activists call to have it shut down

Activists will walk past a Detroit drug house where two men were shot last month as they call for peace and for it to be shut down.

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They will start marching at Goddard and Stender at 5 p.m. Wednesday. They will end the walk in front of the home on Lumpkin near Nevada.

"We’re going to pray, we are going to rally," said community activist Malik Shabazz. "I am expecting everybody – Black, white, urbanites, suburbanites, rich, poor, reverend, doctor, lawyer."

Shabazz said his brother-in-law, C. Leon Goodin, is in critical condition after last month's shooting. Goodin, a Vietnam veteran, was shot in the head when he visited the house while struggling with drug addiction.

"He has to rehab, walking, talking, thinking - his memory," Shabazz said. 

Detroit police said the house has been on their radar for several months.

"We have constant patrol over in that area, in addition to that dedicated constant patrol, but in addition to that we've also had two narcotics raids at that location which have resulted in one felony arrest and 23 ordinances issued," Detroit Police Capt. Jevon Johnson said.

Johnson said police areworking to have the house forfeited through nuisance abatement. He said they've also raided other suspected drug houses nearby.

Meanwhile, police, Crime Stoppers, and more are partnering with Shabazz for the walk to also call for peace.

"We have to work together in order to find out either who committed the crimes or where the crimes are, and additionally it’s important for the citizens to know that we are committed to being part of the neighborhood, we are committed to making Detroit a safer place."