Prosecutor critical of Oxford HS staff prior to mass shooting

The Oakland County Prosecutor spoke about the possibility of more charges, which could involve members of Oxford High School over their actions or inaction leading up to Tuesday's tragic shooting.

"I’d be angry too, and I am," said Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald. "I’m angry as a mother. I’m angry as the prosecutor. I’m angry as a person who lives in this county."

McDonald wore her emotions on her sleeve Friday at a news conference, where she formally announced charges against the parents of the Oxford High School shooting suspect.

At times she was also critical of a few actions of administrators moments before the mass shooting.  She pointed out two red flags, which could have saved lives.

McDonald says on Monday, the day before the shooting, a teacher saw the suspect — Ethan Crumbley — looking up ammunition on his cell phone. The school contacted Crumbley’s parents but didn’t get a response.

The following day, Crumbley, and his parents, met will school staff after a teacher saw his violent drawings.

Crumbley went back to class.

Police say he shot and killed four students, wounding six more and a teacher hours later.

"I’m not going to give you a political answer," McDonald said. "I’m not going to cover for anybody. I’m just going to say what I think, which is of course he shouldn’t have gone back to that classroom. of course, he shouldn’t have."

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FOX 2 has tried all week to get a comment from elected school leaders, but haven’t gotten a response. We went to an address listed for the oxford school board president, but no one answered.

The school board office remains closed and other than this appearance at Tuesday’s news conference, we haven’t seen superintendent Tim Thorne since.

"There’s been a lot of talk about the student who was apprehended," he said in a video released Thursday. "No discipline was warranted (for the suspect). There are no discipline records with the high school."

The Oakland County prosecutor said she’s seen parts of the superintendent’s video but did not share her thoughts.

The community continues to unite at its darkest moment. The memorial at the school's front signage is growing. And now, there’s a poster board where people can write messages.