Protecting your family in the event of a disaster -- even in Michigan

In just three weeks, the United States has been been by two ferocious hurricanes. Hurricane-damage isn't something Michiganders have to worry about, but it's good to still have a disaster plan for you and your family.

Leon LaBrecque, CEO of LJPR Financial Advisors, joined us on The Nine with some advice on getting your disaster plan set up.

Michigan has flooded, we could be in the eye of a blizzard and we aren't immune from the threat of tornadoes. One of these disasters could happen and it's good to be prepared.

He suggets taking pictures of every room in your house with your phone, and back the photos up somewhere online. That way, if a disaster hits and your house is no longer there or accessible, you can show those pictures to your insurance agency.

He suggests taking a picture of all the contents in your wallet, too, in case that gets separated from you in an emergency.

One thing to note -- LaBrecque says to make sure you keep the photos somewhere safe an encrypted.

He also suggests to make copies of important information, such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, insurance policies, passports, etc.

In the event of a disaster, especially one that knocks out power or cell service, have a communication plan in place with your family. The backup plan could be to meet at a specific location at a certain time.

You can hear more advice from LaBrecque in the video player above.