Questions remain after Chesterfield family attacked, WWJ reporter murdered

Many questions remain following the horrific assault of a family in Chesterfield Township last week that left one dead and four others with injuries. 

A 10-year-old boy remains in critical condition while his 5-year-old sister is doing better, an update from the family announced over the weekend. The updated status of their 35-year-old mom is unknown after she was stabbed multiple times. 

The suspect, who was found in the basement of the house with self-inflicted injuries appeared to be overdosing at the time authorities located him. He was brought back with narcan and was taken to the hospital where he is now in stable condition.

The lone victim who died shocked the local and regional market when it was discovered he was WWJ 950 journalist Jim Matthews. His death has continued to ripple through the community.

"He was very passionate about his kids, took care of his kids, a family man, he was just an awesome person," said Joseph Nicolai, Jim's brother. 

Nicolai didn't know why the suspect was at the home Friday morning. "I have no idea why he was there, what he was doing there or what business he had doing there," he said. Authorities say the 54-year-old suspect was frequently at the home and was known to the family. 

The attack shook Matthews' colleagues at WWJ, their voices shaky when they delivered the news over air. "We are updating our top story this afternoon," reported Jackie Paige. "It’s very difficult to report. Our overnight news anchor Jim Matthews was killed this afternoon in Chesterfield Township."

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An aunt started a gofundme for the family over the weekend, asking for help for the kids. 

"My niece is doing well, but my nephew is in critical condition," her post read. "Last night he was forced to undergo brain surgery and ear surgery. He has come through both successfully. He is still currently sedated and is staying in the Pediatric ICU."