Rattlesnake Club cancels couple's wedding saying it can't guarantee 'quality of service'

For more than a year, Dezarae Knight and her fiancé Charles Muse have been planning their dream wedding.  

The Warren couple says they just had to put the finishing touches on their decorations and were excited to learn the coronavirus restrictions would be lifted in time for their Sept. 4 date. but now they're dealing with a big unexpected headache.  

The couple says earlier this week they got a call from their venue- the Rattlesnake Club in Detroit, canceling their wedding.  

"Along with just general life stresses right now with what we thought had in the bag which is already a stressful process, is now completely been turned upside down and we're scrambling trying to find another venue," Muse said.

FOX 2 contacted the Rattlesnake Club. The general manager said due to the pandemic, they've been struggling to find enough staff to host big events.  

A statement from the Rattlesnake Club says in part, "When we cannot guarantee the quality of service that our customers expect, and our reputation demands, we have been canceling those events until we can rebuild, and train our team."

Now Knight and Muse are waiting to get their money back and they're working to find another venue for their dream wedding.  

"Really just telling myself you don't have a choice but to figure something out" Knight said. "Obviously I'm upset but we really don't have time to just sit and be upset about it we have to figure out a plan."