Road rage car accident leads to shooting, ending in car chase and arrest

Eastpointe police say this was road rage at its best - or in this, at its worst.

A two-car accident involving a gray Dodge Charger and white pick-up truck led to gunplay and a police chase Thursday. It started at Eight Mile and Hayes in Detroit around 5 p.m.

Eastpointe police say someone in the gray Charger opened fire at the pickup truck after the accident.

Taylor Manning initially thought the gunshots were fireworks.

"It was probably like, eight (shots) you know," said Manning. "... My friend messaged me and said ‘What happened?’ and I was like, I guess that wasn't fireworks."

Police say that the shooting led to a chase into Eastpointe. The gunman purportedly fired shots from the car at the pick-up truck.

Eastpointe officers spotted both vehicles and gave chase while they continued to elude police, driving through residential streets like Normandy and Semrau.

Officers eventually stopped both cars and brought the chase to an end on Stephens and Schroeder, arresting both drivers without incident.

Thankfully no one was hurt.