Road Rage on 75 near 14 mile, victim says gun was pointed at him

According to the Troy Police Department, on June 6, a road rage incident took place on north I75 near 14 mile.

Around 4:00 pm, police say a man was being tailgated in a construction zone by a red Dodge Avenger and later had a gun pointed at him.

After the lanes opened up, the victim says the driver of the Avenger pulled up next to his car, rolled down the window, and started yelling at him.

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The passenger in the suspect's vehicle then rolled down his window and pointed a gun at the victim, he says.

Authorities say the driver then veered into the victims' lane, almost causing an accident; fortunately, the victim could exit the freeway safely as the suspect drove off.

This occurrence is one of many road incidents that have been happening across the state. 

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