Royal Oak synagogue, baby stroller vandalized with antisemitic graffiti

A Royal Oak synagogue and an Oak Park home were vandalized with antisemitic graffiti late Friday evening.

A swastika was spray-painted on the front of the Woodward Avenue synagogue in Royal Oak. There was also a report of another swastika spray-painted on a baby stroller in Oak Park.

"I think some people think Jews are easy targets," said Rabbi Mendel Polter. "We are not going to allow any of this hate or violence to instill fear or distance from what we do."

In speaking with the victims of this crime, they tell us it speaks to a larger issue, one of intolerance.

"We are taking it with stride. Unfortunately, it is somewhat part of our experience-- for thousands of years--but the last few years, it's been more out there publicly," said Rabbi Mendel Polter.

The rabbi is working with the police to find whoever is responsible.

"Hopefully, the person is found and at least taught a lesson," said Rabbi Mendel Polter. "I think the people need to know the kind of damage that can be done with that hate speech."

Representative Haley Stevens issued this statement to the victims: 

"Targeted hate and antisemitism have no place in Michigan’s 11th District and will not be tolerated. I am devastated to learn of the graffiti at the Woodwood Ave Shul. To our Jewish community: you are loved, you are supported, and we will root out hate wherever it may rear its head. Thank you to the Royal Oak Police Department for your swift actions as we continue to uplift this synagogue in love."