Rumors of Detroit serial killer at-large are false, police say

Detroit police car (File photo)

The Detroit Police Department is trying to dispell the rumors of a serial killer on the run in Detroit.

Police send out a Facebook message Friday afternoon saying that rumors of a serial killer at-large, alleged to have killed five or six women and left their bodies in trash cans, are false.

FOX 2 was tagged in several social media posts Thursday evening and Friday morning that claimed a serial killer was on the run and had killed multiple women and left them in trash cans at Martin Luther King High School and other areas.

FOX 2 spoke with police in person who said it was not true.

The rumors were connected to the story of Elizabeth Candice Nichole Laird, who was found inside a dumpster near an apartment building in Detroit earlier this week. They say her cause of death is compressive asphyxia, and it was a homicide. 

Laird, 26, was found in a dumpster located near the 1600 Block of Robert Bradby Drive, which is just north of Martin Luther King High School. Police found blood related to the scene in the elevator of the Parkview Towers and Square apartment building before finding her body.

In video of a suspect released by police, an African American male wearing dark clothes and sun glasses can be seen on the phone. Police have confirmed through a continuing investigation the man had been in contact with Laird.