Severe weather threats • Alcohol now allowed at college sports games • 50+ cats found in house need homes

Severe weather, including strong winds and hail, is a threat for Metro Detroit this afternoon.

The severe risk is slight, with hail larger than 1 inch and winds up to 60 mph being the biggest possibility. These thunderstorms are expected to arrive between 3-7 p.m. 

A tornado is also possible. The threat of a tornado is low, but cannot be ruled out.

The storms and rain move out after the afternoon and evening, leading to a mainly dry Friday.

Alcohol laws change

Two bills signed this week change alcohol laws in Michigan.

Under one of the bills, booze can now be sold at college sporting events. The University of Michigan and Michigan State University were one of only a few Big Ten schools that still weren't allowed to sell alcohol at games.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said allowing fans to drink at games can help curb binge-drinking before games, as they will now have access to alcohol during the event, not just ahead of time.

Whitmer also signed a bill that allows restaurants to sell cocktails to go permanently.

This legislation was first enacted as temporary relief during the Covid pandemic – restaurants relying on takeout orders were able to sell cocktails in sealed containers.


Michigan allows alcohol at college sports games, makes cocktails-to-go permanent

Two bills signed this week change alcohol laws in Michigan, with one allowing for booze sales at college sports games and another solidifying pandemic-era legislation that allows for takeout cocktails.

50+ cats found in home

Brownstown Township officials are in a bind after more than 50 cats were found in a home - there's no space for the animals.

"Now we are in a situation, where we have a tremendous amount of cats that we are bringing in. We have completely filled our animal shelter," township manager Brian Peters said. 

Animal Control started removing the animals from the home two weeks ago. So far, 19 cats and kittens have been taken to a shelter. But until more space fills up, they can't leave the home. 

"We’re talking with other animal shelters, we're talking with other organizations to try to find placement at the very least to give them a place outside of the home," Peters said.

Interested in adopting? Call the Brownstown Animal Shelter at 734-675-4008. 


Discovery of more than 50 cats in Brownstown Township home leaves officials in a bind

Remarkably, the cats that were discovered were all in good health and could be adopted the next day.

Southfield mail carrier robbed at gunpoint

Two suspects are wanted after a mail carrier was robbed at gunpoint in Southfield.

The suspects were armed with a Draco when they approached the carrier on Tiffany Drive just after noon July 18. After the robbery, they fled through the Wakefield Apartment complex.

A $50,000 reward is offered from the U.S. Postal Service for information. 

Investigators are also searching for a newer model Mercedes-Benz sedan that was seen in the area.


$50,000 reward offered after armed robbery of mail carrier in Southfield

The suspects were armed with an AK-47 pistol when they robbed the letter carrier this week.

Mystery surrounds deadly freeway shooting

Investigators still don't know who shot a Detroit man to death along M-14 in Washtenaw County, nor why they did it.

Police said the 28-year-old Detroit man was found dead inside a car along the shoulder of the west side of the freeway near Earhart Road on Tuesday afternoon. 

Witnesses told police they saw the suspect flee after the shooting.

"I didn't see him get out of his car, but he was standing at the guy who got shot's window, with his legs spread apart like a wide stance just shooting him over and over," a witness said.


Mystery continues into homicide investigation on highway after Detroit man found shot dead

"I was a car length away. I heard a big bang," one woman told police.

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Gunman kills 2 in New Zealand ahead of Women's World Cup

A gunman killed two people at a construction site in Auckland, New Zealand, on Thursday as the nation prepared to host games in the FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament. The shooter was also dead, and authorities said a police officer and four civilians were injured.

The shooting happened near hotels where Team Norway and other soccer teams have been staying. Police said the male officer was taken to a hospital in critical condition and had stabilized. The others had injuries ranging from moderate to critical, but it wasn't immediately clear how they were injured.

New Zealand Prime Minster Chris Hipkins said the tournament would go ahead as planned.

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