Shelby woman that repeatedly threw her puppy in the Clinton River sentenced

Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue said 'Lux', a 6-month-old puppy, endured serious abuse in his short lifetime but was saved before he thrown off a Macomb County bridge this week.

The Shelby Township woman who repeatedly threw her puppy in the river and causing it to nearly drown was sentenced to six months in jail after her request for a mental health judge was rejected.

Amber Nicole Sunde, 26, was sentenced in Macomb County Circuit Court and was ordered to report to jail on Friday. Upon release, she will be required to serve 18 months probation.

The punishment follows her repeated attempts to drown her puppy Lux by throwing the 6-month-old puppy in the Clinton River 15 times.

Judge James Biernat Jr. called Sunde's actions "horrific" and was surprised the dog is still alive.

It was originally rescued after the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, which posted pictures of the puppy after the abuse. The group said its injuries included two right legs and a fractured skull.

It happened on Jan. 3. Witnesses said they saw her throw Lux into the river before he would walk back to her every time. At one point she attempted to keep him underwater.

Her lawyer said it appeared she was experiencing a psychotic episode during the abuse. 

Sunde was originally going to be sentenced last month, however, that was delayed so that she could seek mental court. If she was admitted, her charge would have been reduced to a misdemeanor. 

But even with the recommendations by two therapists to be admitted to mental court, she was denied.