Sikh community members honor FedEx workers who died in mass shooting

Members of the Sikh community in Metro Detroit honored the victims involved in a mass shooting at a FedEx in Indianapolis on Thursday. 

Eight people were killed in the shooting, and four of them belonged to the Sikh community. 

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"This tragedy was all too personal for us, it took place in another Midwestern town not too different from ours, and the names of the victims could have been the names of our own friends and family," says a member of the Sikh community. 

One Sikh community leader says, "We should be gathering here today to celebrate the joyous occasion of Vaisakhi, but yet we are gathered here to mourn the loss of more victims to gun violence."

According to police, the shooter was 19-year-old Brandon Hole, who told his mom last year that he wanted to die by police suicide. 

Although authorities say they were able to retrieve a shotgun from Holes' house after the incident last year, police said he could still buy more legal guns, which he used during the shooting on Thursday. 

Members of the Sikh community are now calling for stricter gun laws. 

FedEx employee Veronica Goldwater says although she did not know the victims, she knew she had to honor them on Sunday. 

"When I heard this morning that the Sikhs were meeting to mourn, I had to be here; I had to be here because they are feeling the same pain that we are feeling," Goldwater says.