SNEAK PEEK: From the Batman V Superman Warner Bros. lot

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Photo of Lee Thomas and the new Batmobile. Photo courtesy of Lee Thomas.

On stage 15 Warner Bros lot! #BatmanvSuperman! There's a lot of Detroit and a couple of #fox2detroit personalities in the movie! More to come!

There's just one week left before Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice comes out March 25.

It's no secret that part of it was made in Detroit, but what many didn't know is that a couple members of the FOX 2 family, Erika Erickson and Jay Towers appear in it.

Both play reporters among the cameos, reports FOX 2's Lee Thomas, who is in Los Angeles and had the scoop from Stage 15 at Warner Bros. lot, where he did interviews for the upcoming blockbuster.

Lee gives us a view of LexCorp Industries sign, the Daily Planet and the new Batmobile.

CLICK HERE for the Official movie site. In Lee's second video below, he talks about the roles Erika and Jay will be playing in the movie and what other Michigan-centric cameos we might expect.