Social media pictures hint that Kwame Kilpatrick is in Detroit

To be clear we have not heard from former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick that he is in fact back in the city, but there are some videos and pictures that popped up on social media that is leading some to believe he is.

Detroit barber Al Wilson from Cut It Out International posted a story on his Instagram account earlier Friday. In it, you see a man in a red sweatshirt who resembles the former mayor signing a door in the barbershop.

Aside from that, you have other pictures posted to Instagram earlier this afternoon - the first of Kilpatrick in the barber's chair after getting a fresh taper and line up.

The second picture is a shot of the former mayor and the barber clasping hands-- smiling for the camera  The caption: "Welcome home bro."
FOX 2 stopped by the shop in hopes of talking with Wilson about the visit, but he however, declined to comment.

Kilpatrick was released from prison last week. Former President Donald Trump commuted his 28-year-sentence. Kilpatrick served seven years.

News of his return to the city came as a surprise to a number of Detroit's political insiders FOX 2 spoke with.

Practically all of them said in one way or another: why would he come back there's not much left for the former mayor here in the city.

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As for those commenting on the Instagram post, the vast majority are celebrating the apparent homecoming - some commenting  "Oh look who's back, welcome home."

FOX 2's Huel Perkins spoke to some relatives of Kilpatrick in Detroit Friday and heard no comment officially before they added there will be "a big party tonight."