Something decent in Detroit: strangers erect headstone for cold case rape and murder victim

Dantoya White was not even 16 years old yet when she was raped, murdered and mutilated in a west-side alley on her way home from the public library.

Her killer marauded through the city for another decade, undetected, while Dantoya lay in an unmarked grave.

Her killer is in prison now, but what about Dantoya?

Someone's child.

Her life mattered. Her memory matters.

After hearing of the circumstances of the unmarked grave, a family of stonemasons went to work. They cut her a headstone engraved with an angel, and refuse to take money.

The human species honors its dead.

An anonymous businessman paid for the upkeep of Dantoya's grave, and the gravediggers came out in the rain.

Thank you, all of you, from her family.

It may not always seem so, but your life, my life, her life matters. It matters to people you may never know.